About Us

Our History

Care to Grow was founded in 2005 as a financial planning practice that provided our clients with dedicated financial planning advice and property bidding expertise.

We identified a gap in the financial planning and property industry, which is understanding client’s mindsets, their relationship with money and the impact on making financial decisions.

Our Now

Although our focus has changed to now only providing transformational financial wellbeing, our vision is the same:

To provide our clients with the right guidance to develop skills and knowledge to empower them to create their wealth so they can experience financial wellbeing.

After all, we believe everyone deserves more joy, freedom and growth in their lives.

That’s why our company has pivoted to focus on the transformational impact of mindset awareness on financial wealth and wellbeing.

Our Mission

  1. Enable clients to make quality decisions that positively impact their financial wellbeing
  2. Build confidence and provide skills and tools to transform individuals from feeling financially stressed, overwhelmed by daily expenses or being financially out of control
  3. Deliver personalised coaching and mentoring to individuals to overcome the impact of financial stress.

Empowering People to live their best life by enabling concious decision making