Women’s Empowerment Series

Marianne Hynes

Marianne is a transformational leader, mindset coach and keynote speaker who is passionate about bringing a human-centred approach to igniting the potential of people and teams, resulting in thriving cultures and profitable growth.

Life was going well for Christine – working in Forensic Science to moving into National Technical Advisor in Medical sales – she tripled turnover. Flying all round the world until she found something wrong with her daughter.

Tanika Smith is the Founding Director of TSR Property Solutions TSR Property is an all-round solution from land acquisitions to site start, specialising in Affordable & Social housing projects.

Janie Jordan is a reputation risk expert with over 30 years’ experience in crisis management. A former journalist and award-winning PR practitioner, Janie has worked globally with some of the biggest names in the business, including GE.

Ingrid Galloway

Ingrid Galloway is the Founder, Relationship Coach and Chief Relaxation Officer of Kahyangan®️ (means: heaven), a wellness clinic in Sydney, Australia. She has been a Relationship Coach for 11 years and a Spa Therapist for 21 years (mainly in Five Star Hotel Day Spas). So she is used to looking after thousands of highly stressed clients from all over the world.

Patricia Kaziro

Patricia Kaziro is a global Impact Business Coach and Mentor who gives visionary entrepreneurs the knowledge and tools to create wealth and leave a legacy via social and eco-impact. Patricia started her business Radiate Coaching to help people reach their business dreams and goals faster through strategic planning and raising their visibility in business and life, essentially cultivating the confidence to take their message to the world.

Nicole Heales is a single, independent woman. She always have been and she really don’t have any plans to change that any time soon. She adore her life and cherish the freedom she have created for herself. She realized a long time ago that she would probably never have an additional wage in her life to help pay for her rent, she help herself to save for a house, or help herself to pay down the mortgage.

Rachel founded Best Capital Finance Australia to help clients maintain financing in the bank market rather than having to access the more costly, private finance. Rachel uses her combination of her C suite and board level banking network, 25 years experience in private wealth, finance, commercial and institutional property lending to deliver tailored, and structured financing solutions in the bank market, where many other brokers can’t.

London trained actor Dale Stevens knows exactly how to bring out your ‘Presence’ through acting, FBI hostage negotiating, Conversational Intelligence, and Rhetoric techniques. A client achieved 3 million views for her TED talk, and created $1.3 trillion being moved out of tobacco investment. That’s influence!

Friska Wirya is a Senior executive or department head that you have ever thought.  She is a Change Management Consultant, Change Trainer & Coach, and Digital Transformation. She turn sceptical stakeholders into involved participants who want to co-create the change.

She is a qualified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner and Jay Shetty Life & Success Coach, She work with professionals to enhance your leadership capabilities, create successful teams and build a culture of success and connection with your business

She is a 2020 CEO Magazine Managing Director of the Year finalist, 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Award NSW Finalist (Medium and Large Enterprise). Double Roar Success Award Winner for Best Book and Most Powerful Influencer.

Natasha is the founder and director of Sova Financial, a role she balances with family life. When it comes to juggling a business, a child and the transition to a single income household.

She launched and scaled 8 conscious, sustainable businesses,. She now help companies, teams, and leaders design the practices that allow them to unleash their full potential, and as a result have bigger impact.

She is an Emmy Winning Voiceover artist and TEDx speaker who understands the power of persuasion and connecting to the audience with empathy, compassion, and charisma. She worked with thousands of major companies and smaller companies as well.

She work with exceptional people STAND FOR SOMETHING be intentional IN ALL THAT YOU DO Humility Grace LEAD SUCCEED Share Wisdom Freely ABUNDANTLY

Karen lives life to the fullest and pursues her heart-centred passion ALWAYS! In doing so she believes that she is true to her life purpose. An author of novels, non-fiction books, children’s books and life-enhancing journals.

She was recently recognised for her contribution to international community peace-making and her unique approach to conflict has enabled her to help reduce community violence, increase collaborative partnership and facilitate cultural change.

After 15 years in the corporate world in regional and global roles, Beate found hertrue calling and was able to turn her passion and hobby into her full time profession.

Shelly’s biggest hobby is collecting new friends. Networking is just her style! Shelly is the Executive Director of the Eastern Idaho GIVENT Executive Network.

She is a Certified Money Coach (CMC), Award-Winning Financial Services Professional, Wellness and Mindfulness Instructor, Social Entrepreneur + Educator. Her purpose and passion is to support others with the knowledge, skills and confidence to better manage their relationship with money and increase their financial wellbeing.

Maria is the founder and director of The Conscious CEO. As a Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy® and a master NLP coach, Maria helps coaches, consultant and service-based businesses across various industries make a profound difference in their business and life.

Hi, I am Zoe-Anna, which translates to a Life of Grace.

I believe each experience be it trauma, pain and suffering is there to assist our journey to heal and transform into our inner wisdom.  A path of Soul Remembrance and enlightenment as a Sovereign Being.

Empowering People to live their best life by enabling concious decision making