Christine Stow

Christine Stow B.Sc. M.B.A.
Empowering Women to Build a Business they love so they can live the Life of their Dreams!
Winner:  International Stevie Women in Business Award
Former Local Councillor
Ignite Your Passion – Women Living On Purpose
Life was going well for Christine – working in Forensic Science to moving into National Technical Advisor in Medical sales – she tripled turnover. Flying all round the world until she found something wrong with her daughter. She had to reinvent herself. Since then she has completed her MBA, stood in a Federal and State Elections, elected to council, set up a special school, a café for people with disabilities and set up support groups in Domestic Violence Victims.
From Carer to Councillor, she is a master of reinvention. Now she is Empowering Women to Ignite Their Passion –  overcome challenges to live the Life Of Their Dreams.
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